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How Overcoming Your Fears Could Help Your Children's Confidence in the Water

How Overcoming Your Fears Could Help Your Children's Confidence in the Water
25 September 2014 2214 Views No comments

Often, adults who are afraid of swimming will try all the harder to get their kids in the water. They don't want their phobia to rub off on their children, denying them a lifetime of fun in the sea and the pool. However, sometimes your fear of swimming can get transferred to your child completely by accident.

The problem is that children take a lot of their 'emotional cues' from their parents. What this essentially means is that your child often will see how you react to things to gauge how they should feel about them. If you are obviously tense, nervous or scared around the water, your child may end up reacting that way, too.

It is for this reason that it is a good idea to overcome your own fears. Try not to make a big deal about this around your children, as they may again pick up on your nervousness and become scared themselves. Instead, try to pretend that you're excited about learning how to swim with them and that you're looking forward to it.

Overcoming your own fears can be difficult. It is always best to go in the water with a partner at first, so that you know you've got somebody there to back you up if anything goes wrong. This can be a great comfort, as if you pick somebody you trust then you can be confident that they won't let anything bad happen to you.

Similarly, you could try wearing a buoyancy aid at first, like the Konfidence Adult Jacket. This provides you with a great safety net, allowing you to experience being in the water without the risk of you being out of your depth.

The jacket comes with eight removable floats as well, so it is great for you as you gradually become more confident in the water. You can start off wearing all eight, then gradually remove them as you become a stronger swimmer until you don't need the jacket at all.

This buoyancy aid is also a good way to get used to being underwater. As you float on the surface, you can begin dipping your face and head into the water. Because you know you are safely floating – and can therefore surface whenever you want – the experience will be a lot less scary than if you were to dive straight in.

This is also a great way to help your child to gain confidence in the water. They might not believe that a Konfidence Youth Jacket will help them to swim without fear, but if they see you wearing one then they will be a lot more comfortable putting one on and having a go in the pool.

You might even find that your child will want their own jacket once they see you in yours. Children love to be thought of as more grown up, and if they see swimming with a Konfidence jacket as an adult activity then they might ask for one of their own, so that they can be just like mum and dad!