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How Can Buoyancy Aids Help Children Learn to Swim?

How Can Buoyancy Aids Help Children Learn to Swim?
10 June 2015 8205 Views 1 comment

Helping children to feel confident in the water is an important part of teaching them to swim. After all, if a child isn't happy and doesn't feel safe while in the water, they aren't going to be receptive to learning.

Your child can also be put off swimming if they don't enjoy the experience, which can impact their safety when in the vicinity of water. They may even develop a phobia, which could last a lifetime.

With these factors in mind, buoyancy aids can help when it comes to teaching your children to swim. Not only do they have a practical element, but they also increase water confidence, which can be hugely beneficial.

Here are some of the reasons we highly recommend the use of buoyancy aids when teaching your children to swim.

Improved water safety

Buoyancy aids work alongside the natural buoyancy of the body, meaning they support your children in the water. They do this in a comfortable way that still allows children to get used to the way their body feels in the water.

Unlike inflatables such as rubber rings or armbands, buoyancy aids support your child's torso but do not lift them out of the water. This means that they can understand better how certain movements create different effects.

They are also supported against going under the water while swimming, which can be important if your little one is trepidacious around water. While buoyancy aids won't stop them going under if they jump in the water or want to put their heads under the surface, they do offer a greater level of safety for general swimming.

Allow natural movements

Because our buoyancy aids support the natural weight of your child's body in the water and are centred on their torso rather than on their arms, it means that your little one can move without any trouble.

Compared to armbands, which can stop your child from being able to move their arms in the water in a natural manner, our aids leave arms and legs unhindered. This allows for natural movement, so your child can develop their swimming strokes.

This means that once they no longer need the buoyancy aid, they can still swim in exactly the same way as they always have. Not only is this better in terms of their swimming technique, but it can also build strength and help with muscle development.

Completely comfortable

Our buoyancy aids, such as the Original Konfidence Jacket, are made of high-quality soft material which ensures that your child is comfortable when they wear them.

The Konfidence Jacket is made from quality soft neoprene, which gives a good level of stretch to allow movement to be easy both in and out of the water. It also ensures a snug fit, even as your little one grows, which means that you can get a lot of use out of it.

All of the binding is coated in soft Lycra to ensure that your child does not experience any chafing, even after they've been swimming in the pool for a while. This ensures that they aren't left with red marks after wear, so they are more likely to be happy to put their buoyancy aid on again.

The jacket also features a chunky self-locking zip, which allows for easy use even when it is wet. This also has a Velcro zip retainer over it, which stops your little ones playing with it and ensures that they get all the benefits of the buoyancy aid.

Completely tailored buoyancy

Because every child develops their swimming technique and water confidence at different rates, our buoyancy jackets feature removable floats to allow you to tailor the amount of support given to the needs of your little ones.

The Original Konfidence Jacket features eight individual floats around the torso. These can be removed easily and quickly to support your child completely until they are ready to start swimming without the jacket.

Not only is this system ideal when it comes to being able to alter the level of buoyancy provided, but it also means that your child continues to feel safe as they can wear their jacket just as they normally would. This can stop them losing confidence because they are having to swap the aid they have gotten used to with something else.

No quibble guarantee

If you aren't entirely happy with the results of the buoyancy aid for your child, we offer a no quibble money back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the product when it arrives, you can send it back to us.

Patricia A. Roberson 30 September 2019 at 14:10
Thanks for share detail review about buoyancy aid actually I'm looking for best quality swimming vest for my child online and just reach your article post read some good points about child swimming learning.