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Handy Things to Have in Your Baby Swimming Bag

Handy Things to Have in Your Baby Swimming Bag
15 October 2014 2335 Views No comments

When it comes to getting started with baby swimming, it isn't just a case of finding a swimming group and heading to the pool. There are a few things you should be sure to pop in your bag to make sure that the lesson is as chilled out and enjoyable as possible for your little one.

By improving the experience as much as possible from the beginning, your baby is likely to feel more comfortable in the water, which will help with their development. It will also make it easier to get them to settle afterwards, which means you're more likely to want to attend a baby swimming class again.


One of the things that should be top on your list is a reusable nappy. Accidents tend to happen, but a Konfidence AquaNappy can help to avoid embarrassment, whilst also helping to keep the pool as hygienic as possible for your and everyone else's children.

They have a triple layer design that comes with an adjustable Velcro sash and poppers, which means it can be fitted from around three months up to 30 months. You simply put it on and you are ready to get your little one in the water.

For extra protection, use the AquaNappy underneath the NeoNappy, which creates a double layer system that helps to avoid leakage.

Warm towels

Babies can't regulate their temperature like older children or adults, which means they are likely to get quite chilly after their swim. Having a towel, dressing gown or poncho towel at the ready to wrap them up straight away will help prevent them getting too chilly.

You ideally want something with a hood to cover them up completely and reduce the amount of heat being lost through the top of their head. This is why Konfidence's Poncho Towel is so good, as it is made of a very soft towelling fabric and comes complete with a hood. They are one size but suitable for a range of ages, so will still be suitable for use months down the line.

A bottle

If you are bottle feeding, it is a good idea to have a bottle good to go for after your baby swimming class. This will help to warm your baby up after the pool, while also being comforting.

Ideally, you want to avoid feeding your little one in the hour before swimming. This avoids any potential accidents and helps to avoid sickness. Giving them a bottle afterwards will ensure that they are content when leaving the pool, and is also likely to help them drift off to sleep afterwards.

If your baby is on solid foods, it is a good idea to have a snack ready, as the physical exercise will make them hungry.

Bath toys

Initially, it is a good idea to take a few of your baby's bath toys to the pool with you. This will help them to associate the swimming pool with the safety of their own home and is likely to make it easier to get them to settle and enjoy themselves.

If you haven't introduced your baby to the bath, it is recommended that you do this before going to the pool, as it will make the transition easier and less stressful for both them and you. Put them in the bath regularly with a few brightly coloured toys and get them used to the water by gently splashing them with it.

Getting their faces and head wet will make them happier to go under the water when the time comes in your baby swimming class.

Changing mat

It is a good idea to take your own mat to make it easier to get your baby changed and warm after getting out of the pool. Even if there are baby changing facilities available, there are going to be quite a few people taking part in the class, so you will likely have to queue up.

Taking a Roll & Go Baby Changer allows you to change your little one wherever is easiest so that you aren't waiting around. The changers have a treaded non-slip back which makes them suitable for tiled and wet floors, while the warm laminate cover protects babies from getting chilly.

The cover also means that the changer is easy to keep clean, so it will be hygienic for your little one. This, coupled with the fact that it can roll up quickly and easily to be stored in small places, makes it a must-have for any baby swimming trip.