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Great Activities for Toddlers on Rainy Days

Great Activities for Toddlers on Rainy Days
22 January 2015 2732 Views No comments

While older children are occupied in school, toddlers often have to put up with being stuck indoors at home when the weather is bad. This can lead to them misbehaving or you having to watch Frozen on repeat to keep them entertained.

However, there are easy activities you can create for them that will help them to learn and keep them entertained. Perfect for rainy and boring days, here are some great ideas to keep your little ones happy and learning.

Colour match

All this game requires are a few sheets of paper in different colours. Simply lay out the colours and get your little one to find a specific number of items in each colour. They then place the objects on the pieces of paper with the corresponding colour.

Once they have the right number of objects on each piece of paper, you can go through everything with them to get them to say what colours they have and to see if they have got everything right.

If you don't want them wandering around, you can create a box of items in all the colours so that they have to sort through it. Try and allow for as much variety in terms of the types of objects as possible to get them really thinking.

Make a den

This is a great activity that will help keep your toddler entertained for the rest of the day. Making a den creates a space that they can then play in with their toys, allowing them to use their imagination and come up with great storylines and activities in their own little area.

The type of den you create depends on space and the types of furniture you have. You don't need to make anything complicated, as you can make moving toys into the den part of the building process.

All you really need is a large sheet or some towels and something to drape them over. This could be a table, clothes airers or bunk beds. Simply work with what you have and they are sure to have fun no matter what.

Window painting

Let your kids show the outside world their art skills with a bit of window painting. All you need is poster paint – this will wash off with soapy water in no time – paintbrushes and masking tape.

Simply tape up the edge of your window to protect them from the paint and let your little one create works of art. You can even help them by using the tape to create simple borders and shapes that they can paint. These will look great when you peel the tape away when the paint is dry.

Water play

This is really easy, but a lot of fun for your little one. All you need is a big tub for water – you can also use the bath – and lots of pots, cups and anything that can be used to pour.

Simply let your little one play with the water and practise their pouring. You can even add any bath toys you have into the mix, allowing your toddler to use their imagination even more.