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Get Your Little Ones Loved Up with Valentine's Day Activities

Get Your Little Ones Loved Up with Valentine's Day Activities
10 February 2015 1942 Views No comments

February 14th is almost here, and while it would usually be a romantic day for you and your partner, you can also get your kids involved. There are numerous Valentine's Day activities you can arrange for your children that let them get crafty.

Whether you're planning to do something romantic for the day or are just having a quiet one, Valentine's Day gives you the perfect opportunity to keep your little ones occupied. Here are some great ideas for love-themed arty activities.

Love bugs

This is a really easy activity, as all you really need are some empty toilet or kitchen roll tubes and some colouring pens or pencils.

Start by cutting the tubes into different sizes to create a range of different bug bodies. Try to keep them as circular as possible so that they can still stand up. Then, all you have to do is allow your little ones to draw different faces and patterns on them.

They can stick to the Valentine's Day theme by choosing to decorate them with hearts and in shades of red or pink, or they can just do what they want.

To make the love bugs more interesting, you can also cut out different shaped wings and let your kids choose which pairs they want their bugs to have.

When all the love bugs are finished, you can stand them up in their own little area or hang them from the ceiling somewhere to create Valentine's Day decorations.

Air-dry clay tealight holders

You don't need a kiln to enjoy fun with clay, as you can get varieties that air-dry, meaning that the clay hardens just by you leaving it alone. This means that you and your kids can enjoy making things out of clay in time for Valentine's Day.

A great thing to make are heart-shaped tealight holders, which can be used on Valentine's Day to create a romantic atmosphere for you and your partner. These shapes are relatively easy to make, making it a great choice for most age groups.

Just dish out the clay in balls, as this will make it easier for your little ones to shape. Then, you just need to help them create their heart shapes.

Once they have the shape they want, use a tealight to make an indent in the centre of the clay, being sure to twist the candle around to make it a bit bigger than it needs to be to account for the clay shrinking at it dries.

Leave the clay to dry completely before painting over it with a solution made of PVA glue mixed with water. This will seal the clay and let your kids paint it without the clay soaking up all the colour.

Valentine's Day cards

Of course, one of the best things your kids can make is cards for Valentine's Day. They can make these for each other, for family members or for friends at school. They could even make them as a way to decorate your house for the day.

All you need is card that is folded so that it can stand up, then you can let your little ones decorate them however they want. As well as pens and pencils, it can be fun to get things for them to stick on to the cards, like hearts and glitter.

Gather up a few different things and then help them to design their cards. This really lets them get creative and they can make any picture they want.