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Fun Winter Days Out for All the Family

Fun Winter Days Out for All the Family
15 January 2015 2590 Views No comments

The winter months can be a bit depressing for the whole family. With the cold and wet meaning many activities aren't possible, it can feel like you're stuck inside most of the time.

Not only is this no fun, it also isn't very stimulating for your children and doesn't teach them a lot. This can mean that they play up a lot more because they want to do something.

Luckily, there are some great family days out that are still suitable for the winter months. In fact, many days out are often cheaper in the winter as you'll be paying off-peak rates. This, coupled with fewer crowds, means that it is the ideal time to do some of the things you've wanted to do with your family for a while.


If your little ones are thirsty for knowledge, a museum can be a great place to visit with your family. Whether you go to one that has a children's area, practical activities (like a science museum) or just a standard museum, there will be plenty to look at and enjoy.

All of the different exhibits will be stimulating for your little ones, who will soak up everything they see. You'll be able to teach them about different areas while also learning things yourself, making it a great idea.

Many museums are incredibly large, coming with a coffee shop or café, meaning that you really can spend all day looking around and exploring. You'll also be able to continue the experience when you get home by creating activities that focus around your kids' favourite exhibits.

Indoor play areas

Indoor areas that have climbing frames, toys and soft play areas for children are a great option for the winter, as there will be plenty to do but you'll be warm and dry. Places like Wacky Warehouse and Crealy Adventure Park have soft indoor play areas that your little ones will love to explore.

You can get involved with them or allow them to create their own games and run around inside to their heart's content. This makes it a great choice for family days out and special occasions, like birthday parties.

The added benefit of indoor play areas is that you'll end up with very tired children at the end of the day who are likely to sleep very well!

Water parks

While swimming is a great choice for a family activity, you can make a day of it by doing something a bit different and going to an indoor water park. This will allow your family to have fun in the pool, with a wave machine and even water slides, providing something for every swimming activity.

This is a great way to get children to love being in the water as there is so much to do and a lot of fun to be had, so they are able to forget about their nerves around water.

If you don't live near an indoor water park, see if there is an indoor pool close to you that has something different, like a slide, to make your day out a bit more special than simply going swimming.

Theme parks

If your children like adventure and are sure to enjoy a small element of danger, you could have a great time at a theme park. Prices tend to be much lower at theme parks in the winter, while queues are a lot shorter than they are during the peak summer months, meaning there is less hanging around and a lot more fun.

There will be rides for most age groups, allowing all of your children to get involved while also supplying fun things for the adults. Most theme parks also have indoor areas, so you'll be able to take a break from the weather if it gets a bit too much.

Nature walks

If you're happy to go outside in the winter, why not enjoy a nature walk with your family? Whether you go to a park in your area or explore somewhere a bit further afield, there is still plenty to do and see in the winter.

You can play games, take photos and even stop off somewhere for a hot chocolate to warm you up. The chances are that your kids won't mind what you do, just so long as they aren't copped up in the house all the time.