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Fun Water Aerobics for Kids

Fun Water Aerobics for Kids
16 February 2015 3084 Views No comments

Keeping kids active when the weather is cold and horrible can be difficult. It's likely that they would much prefer to stay inside in the warm rather than run around outside. If this is the case, it can pay off to make the most of any trip to your local swimming pool.

Rather than simply letting them spend their time in the water swimming around, you could also get them moving a bit more with some water aerobics.

You might think that this isn't an activity for children, but it can help keep them fit and healthy while they are having fun. It is also a good form of exercise if your child has an injury or a disability, as the water will help to support them as they move.

Before you start, make sure that your children have enough space to move around without hitting anyone, and that they are not out of their depth. Ideally, the water should come no higher than their shoulders while standing.

Once they are spread out and comfortable, you can get them trying these exercises.

Warm up

You should let your little ones warm up in the water before doing anything involved. This can mean simply swimming around for a bit or doing something like throwing a Neoprene Swim Ball back and forth.

A warm up session should last for at least 15 minutes to help avoid injury or muscle strain once you start aerobic exercises.


Running in the water means that there is a good level of resistance, which gets children moving more in order to mimic running on dry land.

Have your little ones run widths of the pool as though they were running on land. This means encouraging them to move their arms and legs without floating or swimming.

They'll probably find it strange to start with, but as they get used to it they'll be able to move more quickly. You can increase the resistance once they improve by having them hold a Quikfinz Dolphin Float upright in front of them. This will mean they have to push against the float as well as the water.


While many children may move around the pool by holding onto the edge to make them feel safe, it is also a good form of exercise.

Try getting your kids to hold onto the pool edge and shuffle their way completely round the pool. They shouldn't try to overtake anyone, but they can try and move as quickly as they can.

If your little ones are nervous about going too deep, set up a point that they have to reach before heading back. Just be sure that the first person in line knows that they have to wait for everyone to reach the designated point before heading back.


Kicking in the water is an important part of learning how to swim, but it can also help your little ones exercise in the water.

Have your kids hold onto the edge of the pool and kick their legs as hard as they can – preferably away from other people! make it a competition by seeing who can make the biggest splash by kicking the fastest and moving their legs the most.

You can also come up with your own exercises and workouts with your little ones' input, or make games out of those listed above. There are loads of different ways to get your kids active in the water, all of which are perfect for staying active in the colder months.