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Fun Outdoor Activities for Spring

Fun Outdoor Activities for Spring
6 March 2015 2060 Views No comments

The sun is coming out a lot more now, showing that March really is the start of spring. This means that kids can start to be more active, as they don't have to be stuck inside due to bad weather. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to get them exercising more and having fun while they're doing it.

Although you can help kids stay active inside during the winter, there is something about getting to play outside that gets them more excited and makes it more interesting. It also means there's no chance of any furniture or ornaments getting broken!

Here are some great ideas for getting your kids outside and having fun.

Hula hoop

Hula hooping is a fun activity that can build up their coordination as well as build up their core muscles. It is an easy activity for everyone to get involved with – although adults will need larger hoops – and can add a bit of competition to exercise.


Another easy activity that can fit into your kids' day is skipping. As with hula hooping, it helps to improve coordination, as well as working out the legs and arms.

What's really great about skipping is that it can be done individually or in teams, allowing you all to make up games, or for your little ones to learn some of your playground skipping favourites. You can also either skip staying in one spot or try out walking skipping, which can keep it more interesting for your children.

Assault course

If you have a garden or access to an outdoor area, you could create an active assault course for your children. This doesn't have to be anything too complicated, as you can simply use anything you have to hand to create different sections.

Things like hula hoop steps that they have to run over quickly, or using something to mark out a slalom that they need to get around, take no time to set up or clear up and can get your children moving. They can race each other or work as a team, both of which teach different things.

Why not have a look to see what you could use to create a fun assault course?

Bike ride

This is something fun for the whole family and could be the ideal day out. All you need to do is put on all the protective gear and head out for a ride.

If you're worried about your little ones riding near cars, you can head to a park or find a car-free bike route so that you can take your time and not worry about the road. You could even get them cycling to and from school, so long as they are able to lock up their bikes somewhere safe.

You'll probably find that they end up wanting to go out on their bikes quite a bit as the weather improves further, so it's good to get them started now.


This is a grand standby and an easy activity to get children interested in. You just need an outdoor space and a ball, and you can get on with having some fun.

Kids will get to run around, keeping them healthy and burning off any excess energy. It is ideal whether you want a quick activity or you want to keep them occupied for longer, as you can set a limit for the number of goals that need to be scored.

You could even join football and the assault course together if your little ones are a bit football mad.

Run around

Of course, you can always leave your little ones to run around the garden and have fun in the sun. They can create games or choose the activities they want to do, allowing them to be in charge of their own exercise and letting you get on with other things.