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Fun in the Sun: What You Need to Keep Kids Safe in the Sun and Water This Summer

Fun in the Sun: What You Need to Keep Kids Safe in the Sun and Water This Summer
25 July 2014 3570 Views No comments

The school summer holidays have now begun, which means that many of you will be getting ready to enjoy some fun in the sun. Whether you are jetting off to another country, holidaying in the UK or simply enjoying amenities closer to home, you want to ensure that your family stays safe in both the sun and water this season.

Not only is it important that you keep your children safe in the water – no matter what their swimming ability – but you should also protect their skin. While water may pose a more immediate risk, not taking steps to keep children's sensitive skin from sun damage can have serious results later on.

Here at Konfidence, we have both issues covered and can provide a solid range of products that will keep your children safe, help protect your children's skin and boost their confidence in the water. Here are some of our best-suited products your family could benefit from this summer.


Swimming is a great activity for all members of the family, especially when the weather is warm. Whether you are swimming somewhere you know well or heading somewhere new, you will experience the same risks.

As well as familiarising yourself with anything location-related – such as tides, currents, rocky areas and the like – you should aim to make sure you have everything you need so that your whole family can make the most of the water.

One way to do this is to help your children feel as safe and secure as possible. Even if they are used to the water they can get nervous or tired, so increasing their buoyancy can really help them get used to and enjoy splashing about.

Rather than kitting them out with armbands or other inflatables, which can often get in the way and hamper the development of their swimming skills, providing them with an Original Konfidence Jacket gives them more stable buoyancy that isn't cumbersome.

The jackets cover children's torsos and have floats positioned all around the body for even buoyancy. These floats are removable, allowing you to tailor the level of buoyancy to your child's abilities while still ensuring that they feel safe.

Having the floats positioned like this also means that your child's arms are free to move naturally, helping them to perfect their swimming style. As the jackets allow for fluid movements, they are made with a soft Lycra binding to help prevent any chaffing, while the flexible neoprene material ensures comfort and helps to keep them warm.

Other benefits of the Original Konfidence Jacket include the yellow back, which provides increased visibility. This is incredibly helpful for keeping track of your little ones while they are playing on the beach, at the pool or in a water park.

The jackets can be worn over your children's standard swimwear, as well as on top of wetsuits and sun protection wear. They are easy to fit into your family's routine of getting ready for the water and can help your children to develop their skills and confidence when swimming.

If you want to take a baby in the water, you need a smaller option to provide added buoyancy. The more traditional Konfidence Floatsuit is designed as a full suit, rather than just a jacket, and is suitable for use by children aged from 12 months.

Just as with the jackets, the Konfidence Floatsuit comes with eight removable floats. These are around the outside of the suit, providing balanced buoyancy that can be tailored. Just like the jackets, they are positioned to allow for free arm and leg movement, helping your children to develop their abilities.

Our Floatsuits are available for children up to five years old and come in a great variety of colours that will help them love their suit and increase in confidence every time they wear it.


Helping your children to develop into strong and confident swimmers isn't the only challenge during the summer. Stopping their skin from getting burnt is also an important factor to enjoying the holiday period, especially as sun-damaged skin can have health implications years later.

While we all know that applying sun cream is the best way to protect skin, it isn't always reliable. Using sun cream with a high factor – SPF 35 and over – alongside other measures is the best way to care for your children.

Sun cream needs to be reapplied regularly throughout the day, especially after swimming, in order to maintain its protection level. This can be difficult to do when your children just want to play and can mean that you miss areas, possibly resulting in burning.

To reduce this risk, kit your kids out with some of Konfidence's Sun Protection Clothing. We have a number of options for your little ones that will help them to enjoy the sun while keeping their skin under wraps.

Our Sun Protection Suits keep your children protected but also comfortable. They come with full-length sleeves and three-quarter length shorts to ensure that as much of your children's skin is kept from harmful UV rays.

The suits are made from high-quality soft Lycra, which allows freedom of movement without chafing. This means they are great for younger children because the material can stretch as they grow without becoming uncomfortable.

The suits also help to keep nappies in place to avoid any accidents, while the 6 to 12 months and 1 to 2 years sizes come with poppers fitted to the crotch to make nappy changing much easier.

As well as being tested for durability, the suits also include UV colour changing technology that can help to teach your children about the sun. The Konfidence logos will change colour – boys' suits go blue and girls' go pink – when UV rays are present. Not only is this great fun for your children, as they can watch the colour change, but you can also make your children aware of why sun protection is important through this feature.

With a zip on the back of the suit, you can be sure that your little ones won't be able to take the suits off and risk burning.

For added protection from the sun, you might also want to opt for our Sun Protection Hats. These legionnaire-style hats protect an area that often gets forgotten about but that can get very badly burnt – your children's scalps.

While we make sure that visible skin is covered and protected with sun cream, children's scalps often get forgotten about, which can result in very painful burns. To avoid this, our hats are made from high-quality Lycra that can be worn in and out of the water.

They cover the top of the head and the back of the neck, while the larger than average peak provides a great degree of shading that keeps the sun out of their eyes and protects your child's face.

The hats also come with the same UV colour changing technology as the Sun Protection Suits, so are fun for your little ones as well as protective.

Whatever your plans for the summer, you can have fun and stay safe with Konfidence's great range of products.