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Fun and Arty Easter Activities for Kids

Fun and Arty Easter Activities for Kids
24 March 2015 1810 Views No comments

Easter isn't too far, with April 5th just around the corner. As well as the promise of lots of chocolate and tasty treats, Easter also means a break from school. This means having to come up with a few ways to keep your kids occupied.

While the weather is getting better, allowing you to make the most of days out, it is a good idea to have a few indoor activities at the ready for days when you want to stay at home or it is too cold and wet to head out.

Easter-themed art projects are a great way to keep your little ones occupied and bring the celebration into your home. Here are a few of our favourite activities for children at Easter.

Decorating eggs

Whether you're having an egg hunt or simply want to make a display, decorating eggs is a great way to go about it. While the eggs can't be kept – no one wants gone-off eggs in their house – they are a pretty addition while Easter is here.

There are a number of different ways to decorate eggs, so all you have to do is provide the materials for your children and let them go for it. Setting up paint, glitter, stick-on gemstones and other art materials will allow your little ones to use their own creativity and create some beautiful Easter eggs.

You can then use the finished eggs as part of an egg hunt – just be sure to keep track of where you hide them all – or pop them in a bowl and create a centrepiece for Sunday lunch on Easter.

Spring chicks and bunnies

Another great Easter-themed decoration your little ones can make is springtime chicks or bunnies. These can be easily made with paper craft, providing a fun activity that can also be recycled.

All you need is some stiff paper or thin card (it needs to be bendable), glue or tape, and felt tip pens.

Cut out strips of paper and bend these into circles to create the head and body of a chick or bunny. Glue the head to the body, then you can start on some of the details. Make flat feet to allow the figures to stand up and then cut out beaks, ears, wings, etc. to stick on.

These are fun and easy to personalise, so your children can create a colourful Easter display.

Making Easter eggs

If your little ones love to be in the kitchen, why not make real chocolate Easter eggs with them? These are quite easy to make, although you'll have to do the fiddly bits, and can be filled or decorated with other tasty goodies.

You'll just need Easter egg moulds, sweets and thick icing to decorate, chocolate and thin food brushes (you can use new paintbrushes instead).

Start by melting the chocolate. Milk chocolate is best, as it will set much better than white chocolate and melts more evenly. You can melt the chocolate in the microwave – make sure you use a microwavable bowl – for 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each time until smooth. You can also melt it in a bowl placed over a pan of boiling water, which will help avoid it burning.

Once the chocolate is melted, pour a small amount into each of the moulds and use the brushes to cover them completely. The moulds should then be placed in the fridge until set, before repeating the pouring and brushing process.

This will layer up the chocolate, creating an even shell that will make handling the eggs easier. Once the eggs are at the right thickness and are totally set, remove them from the moulds.

If you are putting sweets in the eggs, place them in one half of the shell. Warm a palette knife under the hot tap and dry it before running the knife over the edge of one half of the chocolate egg. This will melt the chocolate, allowing you to quickly join the two halves together.

Now your little ones can decorate their eggs ready for them to be eaten.