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Easing Young Children Into Swimming

Easing Young Children Into Swimming
2 October 2014 1640 Views No comments

Swimming with children is great fun, and it is understandable that many new mums and dads want to get into the water with their newborn straight away. However, it is not something that should be rushed, as going straight into the pool can be a shock that might even put your child off swimming.

You should gently ease your child into the water to make sure it is not stressful for them. While babies often tend to be quite happy heading to the pool at an early stage, if you haven't done this with your children it can be a more difficult procedure.

If your child is a bit older, you will have to take a slower approach. Start off in the bath and get your child used to being submerged almost fully in a safe environment with just the two of you. Having a bath with your baby is a great bonding experience, and will help your child to associate the water with safety.

When you feel that your child enjoys the water enough, you can take them to the pool. You might not want to take them straight in, though. Sit on the side with your little one and let them take in the atmosphere, as the noises and sights can be a bit overwhelming for them at first.

When you get in the water, you should make sure that your child feels as comfortable as possible. If they feel like they are going to sink, they might panic. This will cause them to associate swimming with fear, which is not what you want.

Make sure they are constantly above the water with a Konfidence Floatsuit. This enables you to give them a bit of freedom when you are comfortable doing so, as you won't need to keep hold of them. They can splash around in the water and have fun without ever feeling out of control. The Floatsuit is available from age one and upwards, meaning it is a great choice for all children.