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Cornish Baby Swimming Group Starts in Hydrotherapy Pool

Cornish Baby Swimming Group Starts in Hydrotherapy Pool
5 December 2014 2232 Views No comments

A baby swimming group has been established in Cornwall at the new purpose-built hydrotherapy pool in Newlyn. The group has been started by Abi Wason and Holly Rorke at the pool to provide a comfortable atmosphere for babies of young ages.

The two swimming instructors told The Cornishman that they usually hold classes in pools that are heated to 32°C. This temperature is good for children at around six weeks or older, but it can be too cold for younger babies.

Babies as young as two weeks are able to take advantage of the classes at the new hydrotherapy pool as it is a few degrees warmer, which makes all the difference according to Rorke. The warmer water makes the group more suited to a broader range of ages, helping little ones and parents to make the most of baby swimming as soon as possible.

Wason told the news provider: "Therapeutic temperature of the water makes this an ideal opportunity for new babies to have their first, gentle introduction to swimming together with their caregiver."

The pair decided to train to become baby swimming class instructors six years ago after seeing how beneficial the groups were for their own children. At the time, very little was offered in the area for babies and parents in terms of swimming activities.

With there being so many beaches in West Cornwall, the decision to start a baby swimming school in the area made sense, as water skills are an important part of the local lifestyle. The lessons help to build a bond between parents and their babies while also teaching water skills and confidence, which are vital in coastal areas.

"Our ultimate goal is to build a perfect foundation in water confidence by providing a loving, fun, carefree and relaxed environment, which will eventually lead to a natural and organic emergence of independent swimming. It is all about enjoying the swimming journey every step of the way," said Rorke.