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Can I Take My Baby Swimming on My Own?

Can I Take My Baby Swimming on My Own?
29 May 2015 2073 Views No comments

Baby swimming is a great bonding activity, giving you and your child a chance to spend some time together and enjoy a lot of contact.

However, there are a few logistics to work out – such as getting into the pool with your little one – if you are heading to the pool alone.

Your first session

It is generally a good idea to go to your first baby swimming class with another adult. This is just so that it is easier for you to get your baby in and out of the pool quickly.

Even if they don't get in the pool, having them on the side so that they can hand baby to you when you are in the water and take them when it is time to get out can be incredibly helpful.

This will also make the experience much less stressful for your little one, so they are more likely to enjoy it.

Be prepared

When going baby swimming on your own, there are a few things you'll need in order to be totally prepared. Creating a checklist to make sure that you pack everything in your swim bag can make it easier to be prepared and can save you getting stressed if you forget something.

Getting in the pool

One thing people worry about when it comes to going baby swimming on their own is getting in and out of the pool with your baby. You want to make this as easy and relaxing for your little one as possible so that they enjoy the experience.

This is where Konfidence's Roll & Go Baby Changer can come in handy. You should place this near the side of the pool – within reaching distance when you are in the water – close to the ladder you'll use to get in.

When you're totally ready to get in the water, place your baby on the mat – it has a non-slip back, so it won't go anywhere – and get in the water. You can then easily pick your baby up and enjoy your session.

To get out of the water, repeat the process of placing baby on the mat.

Wrapping them up

It is important to get your baby wrapped up quickly when you get out of the water, as they will get cold very quickly.

If you are at a baby swimming class, you may be able to place towels on your mat at the edge of the pool without having to worry about them getting wet. However, if you are swimming in a public pool, you'll need to put the towels out of the water.

Having a poolside bag for your towels is a good idea, as you can put them to the side and keep them dry. Of course, if your pool has towel hooks, this makes like a lot easier.

Getting changed

If you get changed first, make sure that your baby is wrapped up warm in a towel. You can again place them on the mat – if there aren't free changing facilities – either on the floor in your changing cubicle or on a bench, so long as you are sure that they can't roll off.

Stand next to them when you are getting changed so that you can always see them. You should then bundle them up warm so they are happy and comfortable.

After a while you'll develop your own routine, and heading to the pool with your baby will be easy and totally stress-free.