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Being Prepared for Swimming Lessons

Being Prepared for Swimming Lessons
28 November 2014 2302 Views No comments

As part of the national curriculum, primary schools in England have to provide swimming lessons to your little ones. Many schools choose to make the most of the winter months to get children into the pool more often, as public pools and leisure centres tend to be quieter.

This means that there are more opportunities for classes at the pool and to get your kids splashing around. It is also a great option for PE lessons, as it avoids children having to go outside when it is cold and miserable.

If your child's school is making the most of the quiet winter period and heading to the local pool, you want to ensure that your little one has everything they need to get the most out of the sessions and enjoy themselves.

Swim bag

Having a separate bag for your child to put their swimming kit in can help keep school work dry and ensure that they don't end up leaving their wet towel in their PE kit or normal school bag. It also means that you can check that they have everything together before they go to school, ensuring they can take part in the lesson.

Our Neoprene Swim Bag is a great choice as it is made out of soft neoprene, meaning that it is suitable for putting down on wet changing room floors and for packing damp swimming costumes away. The material is also super stretchy and you'll be surprised how much it can fit in, providing space for anything your little one may want to take with them to the pool./p>

The messenger-style bag also looks really good, while the zip-up interior ensures that nothing will fall out. With an adjustable strap, the bag will be suited to any age and height, while also being hard-wearing enough to last year after year.

Swim cap

If your child is swimming partway through the day, you want to ensure that they are comfortable throughout the rest of the lessons. This means you want to avoid them getting their hair wet, especially as it will then be wet for the rest of the day – not ideal considering the cold weather.

This means it is recommended that you supply your little one with a Vorgee Super Flex Silicone Cap to keep their hair dry and out of the way while swimming. This is a particularly good idea if your child has long hair, as it will stop them from having to deal with wet and tangled locks for the rest of the day.

The Vorgee cap is highly durable and incredibly flexible. The extra stretchy silicone material makes it easy for your kid to put on themselves and will also be incredibly comfortable. It also comes in a variety of colours, so you are able to get a shade your child likes, increasing the likelihood of them being happy to wear it.

Some pools insist that children wear swimming caps, so it is a good idea to supply one just in case.


If your child has sensitive eyes, isn't a fan of water or hates going underneath the pool's surface, it can be a good idea to kit them out with a pair of goggles. This can help make them feel more comfortable going into the water and avoid their eyes getting sore.

Vorgee Voyager Junior Goggles are a great choice, as they are suited to leisure swimming as well as races. They have a one-piece silicone frame that is flexible and will fit perfectly against your little one's face and avoid water leaking into their eyes.

The quick-fit strap system also means that it is easy for your child to adjust them to fit quickly and easily.

Wetsuit T-shirt

Even though your child will be swimming in an indoor pool at this time of year, they may be more prone to getting cold. This can make swimming uncomfortable and they could be reluctant to go.

However, supplying something in their kit that will keep them warm in the water can help increase their enjoyment. Our Children's Micro Neoprene T-Shirt is an easy-to-wear item that will help them feel warmer in the water for longer.

It is made of 1 mm neoprene, so it allows regular movement, ensuring that they can swim as usual. With a front zip, it is easy for your little one to pop on and take off on their own.

The T-shirt is a good idea if you tend to go swimming a lot at other times of the year, too, as it also offers UV protection, making it a great choice if your family enjoys the beach.

Buoyancy aid

If your child is still learning to swim and is nervous of the water, you can build up their confidence by providing them with a buoyancy aid. This will help them to feel happier in the water, while supporting their natural buoyancy.

Unlike armbands, the Original Konfidence Jacket doesn't restrict movement, and so allows your child to swim in a natural and comfortable way. It is made out of soft neoprene, so it won't chafe or rub your little one's skin.

The jacket comes with eight removable floats, allowing you to tailor the support to your kid's needs, meaning that you can remove floats as their confidence and skill levels grow.

All of these items can help your child to enjoy swimming more and more each time they visit the pool, while also aiding them when it comes to developing their swimming ability and learning potentially life-saving skills.