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Beach Games Ready for the Summer

Beach Games Ready for the Summer
21 May 2015 2169 Views No comments

If you're heading to the beach with your kids this summer, you're probably already thinking of ways to keep them entertained. Beach days are a great way to make the most of the summer weather and are fantastic for keeping your little ones active.

Whether you're going on holiday or have a beach close by, packing your swimsuits and a picnic and heading off to the seaside is the ideal choice for a summer day out.

However, you're going to need more than just a bucket and spade to keep your kids occupied. While the beach has stuff to do and is a chance for your little ones to blow off steam, it is a good idea to have something up your sleeve in case they get bored.

Here are some fun beach games and activities your kids are sure to love.

Sand sculptures

Rather than your typical sandcastles, have your children create different sculptures. These can be whatever they want, or you can say that they have to be beach-themed.

As well as using sand to create shapes, they can make use of other things they find on the beach – such as seaweed, stones and driftwood – to add detail to their models.

There isn't a winner with this, as it's just a bit of fun. Don't forget to take photos of your kids with their creations.

Dig a pit

Sand is great for digging, which is an activity that can keep your children occupied for a long time.

There are a few different ways you can make digging a pit fun for your little ones. The first is to get them to make their own paddling pool, which is ideal for when the tide is out.

Have them dig it near the water where the sand is dampest and easy to mould. This will mean they can fill it with water without it draining away too fast. It also means that the waves will fill the pool with water as the tide slowly comes in.

You can also make it a competition, by giving everyone five minutes to dig a pit as deep as they can. The winner is the one who digs the deepest hole.

Avoid the water

A way for your children to have fun with water without going swimming – which is ideal if you need a break from being in the sea – is to play avoid the water.

This basically means that they have to stand close to the water and run away from incoming waves to stop their feet getting wet. It's a simple premise, but it can be a lot of fun.

Ball catch

You can play games in the sea just as well as you can in a swimming pool, although it's best to only do this if the water is reasonably calm.

A simple game is ball catch, which requires you all to stand in a circle and throw a Neoprene Swim Ball to each other.

The idea is to catch each other out by throwing high – meaning people have to jump – or catching people when they aren't paying attention so that they have to swim for the ball.

Splash fight

Of course, you can just enjoy a good old splash fight. No one really wins or loses, but it is a lot of fun so long as you don't mind getting drenched!