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Back to School? Don't Give Up on Summer Activities

Back to School? Don't Give Up on Summer Activities
28 August 2014 2591 Views No comments

If you've got children, the chances are that you're starting to get them ready to head back to school next month. This means that the summer is well and truly over, but the activities you enjoyed during their break don't have to be forgotten.

Many families make the most of the summer by using it as an opportunity to enjoy more active pursuits. However, it seems that once the school bell rings, these are often given up until next year.

Not only is this not great for maintaining your family's active lifestyle, but it also means that you could all be missing out on things you enjoy. You should try and continue to make the most of any activities while you can, helping everyone to stay healthy and resulting in quality time with your family.

Some people may find it difficult to balance work with school and activities while still getting a bit of free time, but with planning you can get the best of everything. So long as you know what extracurricular activities your kids have and rough times for when everyone gets home after school or work, it can be easy to fit in a few activities.

So, what activities can you still enjoy as summer gives way to autumn?


During September the weather is often still good enough to enjoy some time on the beach, which means that you can make the most of the lack of tourists at the weekend to get in a family swim.

If you don't have a beach near you, or you don't fancy braving the water now the sun isn't out as much, you can always make the most of your nearest public pools.

Many public pools offer evening swim sessions, which means that you head over after collecting the kids from school to get in an hour of swimming. You might find that there are swimming clubs that you can sign your children up for, which can be a great way to keep them active and for them to meet new friends.

You could also make swimming a regular thing at the weekends, allowing you to spend more time in the water and ensure that you get to have fun as a family.


While the weather is still quite fine, why not get in some family walks? Even if you only walk to the supermarket or to and from school, it is a great way to stay healthy.

You could also have a look to see what walks are around your local area. Many parks and woodlands have public paths that you can follow, which can be a great way to see new places and play games.

Things like treasure hunts and 'I spy' can be great for getting your little ones excited about going to new places and can help them learn about things they might find on their way.

Of course, the weather won't always allow for long walks, but you could always brave the autumn elements in coats and with a flask of hot chocolate to warm you up at the end of your walk.

Sports clubs

There is always a huge range of sports clubs around at the start of the school year, so it is worth seeing what is available. You can look through everything to check what would be feasible in terms of time and distance, then see if your children are interested in anything in particular.

While this doesn't get the whole family active, it does help to teach your kids about being active and could help them to develop a new skill. If they end up having to do competitions in their chosen sport, it is also a great day out for the family when you go to support them.