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Baby Beach Bag Checklist for a Day at the Seaside

Baby Beach Bag Checklist for a Day at the Seaside
29 April 2015 2466 Views No comments

May is almost here, which means that summer is just around the corner. The chances are that you're already thinking about the fun you can have with your family in the sun, whether this is abroad or at home in the UK.

One of the most popular days out for families has to be the beach. Your little ones will be able to play in the sand and you can all enjoy a dip in the sea to cool off. There are also a lot of games you can play on the beach, making it a great place for children of all ages.

As well as packing your bucket and spade, there are a few other things you should pop in your beach bag, especially if you are taking your baby for a day by the seaside. It really does pay to be prepared, so here's your baby beach bag checklist.

Spare towels and blankets

As well as packing a beach towel for everyone in your family, it is a good idea to take spares with you, too. These can be used to lay out on the sand so that you have somewhere to sit, while also coming in handy when it comes to everyone getting dried off.

Having two soft, clean towels for your baby is especially important, as they can't regulate their body temperature so will get cold easily after being in the water. You should have a towel to dry them with and another in which to wrap them up to keep them warm.

The second towel will stay dry, so it can also be used to brush all sand off of them when you get them changed to go home. Sand can cause their clothes to rub and can be quite irritating, so getting rid of as much as possible is a good idea.

Sun cream

You'll need to have plenty of high SPF sun cream in your bag for everyone, as you'll need to reapply throughout the day to offer the best protection. You should choose sun cream that is SPF 30 and above – SPF 50 for babies. It should also be waterproof.

Reapply the cream regularly throughout the day, especially after your little ones have been swimming. This will help to protect them from painful burns. Even with sun cream, it is a good idea to get them out of the sun around midday, as this is when the sun is highest and hottest.

You can also protect them with a sun protection suit and hat from Konfidence. These are comfortable, waterproof and will help prevent your little ones from getting burnt.


Running around, swimming and the hot sun can all dehydrate your family, so you should make sure that you have a few bottles of water or juice to hand.

To stop drinks becoming warm, pop them in a cooler or freeze a couple of bottles, as they will keep the rest of the drinks cool and thaw throughout the day.

Spare bag

At the end of the day, you'll be left with wet towels and swimsuits that can leave everything in your beach bag damp and sandy. Having a second bag in which to store all the wet and dirty things will help to avoid this and make it easier for you to know what needs to be washed ready for the next day at the beach.

Swim nappies

While you can put your baby in a normal nappy while on the beach, they don't work well in the sea. This means that having a swim nappy – like the Konfidence AquaNappy – to hand is a great idea to help protect other swimmers from little accidents your baby might have when in the water.

For added protection, you can use a double layer system by also using a NeoNappy. This will further protect against little accidents while keeping your little one comfortable.


It isn't just your children's skin that needs protecting from the sun – their eyes do, too. You should make sure that you have sunglasses in your beach bag for your whole family to help keep the sun out of their eyes. This can help avoid headaches and retain eye health.