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Baby Alice Starts Swimming at Just One Week!

Baby Alice Starts Swimming at Just One Week!
22 December 2014 1761 Views No comments

A baby has made a splash on social media after her parents posted pictures of her attending her first swimming lesson at just one week old. Alice Hirst Sewell headed to the pool only seven days after being born, with her dad Kenny posting the pictures to Facebook.

The Wakefield Express reports that Alice's parents decided to get her in the pool as quickly as possible after her birth, taking her along to classes run by Water Babies. They wanted to get her swimming from an early age to help build confidence, get her learning and teach her about water safety.

They also said that the lessons have been a great bonding experience for her and her dad, while providing some time out for her mum.

It is perfectly safe to start your baby swimming at such a young age, with many parents choosing to get their little ones in the pool as early as possible. Babies have an affinity for water, so they are likely to enjoy splashing about straight away.

Early swimming lessons will help them to enjoy being in the water more and enable parents to develop a close bond with their little bundle straight away.

Although you don't have to wait for them to have all their inoculations before getting in the water, there are a few things you should consider before taking the plunge with your young baby.

As babies are unable to regulate their own temperature, they are likely to get cold much more quickly than adults do. While pools used for baby swimming lessons tend to be warmer than average, if you are swimming when they are only one week old then you may want to see if a warmer pool is available to keep them comfortable.

You can also help them to feel happier in the water by kitting them out with a Konfidence Babywarma baby wetsuit. The suit is made from 2 mm-thick neoprene, which enables babies aged from newborn to 24 months to stay warmer for longer in the winter. The material also ensures that you are able to hold onto your little one more easily, improving safety and making them feel more comfortable.