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Babies don't shiver!

Babies don't shiver!
17 October 2018 5458 Views No comments

31 Jul 2017 14:26:26



The temperature of the water at public swimming pools can vary, and with leisure facilities having so many different patrons to cater for on a daily basis, it’s not always easy for the facility to change the temperature to suit the different age groups and types of classes being run.

For baby swimming, this can sometimes mean the water in the main public pool is a little cooler than the recommended 32 degrees for babies under 3 months old and 30 degrees for babies over 12lbs.

As we’ve seen recently in the news at a leisure centre in Dereham, if the water temperature drops below 30 degrees, it can cause your baby to chill too quickly.But, and this is the important point; with babies unable to shiver to physically show you that they are cold, you might not instantly know they are too cold.The first sign of a baby being too cold could be them getting blue lips, as some parents reported at Dereham, which can pose a risk of hyperthermia.

Unlike older children and adults who physically shiver when they’re cold as a way to create heat, young babies instead rely on a layer of what’s called ‘brown fat’, or adipose to keep them warm.This brown adipose tissue burns calories and releases heat, and babies have this fat for example around their necks, chests, back and butts.

But this brown fat isn’t enough to keep babies warm; they still need to be bundled up when cold with clothing, blankets, wraps etc.This same principle of ‘layering’ applies to the swimming pool and is why Konfidence created the original Babywarma® swimsuit.

Made from a flexible 2mm-thick soft neoprene, the Konfidence Babywarma has been designed to help regulate a baby’s temperature in the swimming pool; it reduces the effect of cold water as well as the change in air temperature from being in and out of the water - in the same way as a wetsuit.Swimming teachers recommend the Babywarma because it allows babies to stay warmer and happier in the water for longer, so they really get the most out of their baby swimming classes.

Key Features of the Konfidence Babywarma:

  • Enables babies to stay warmer in the swimming pool for much longer than would be possible without it – making sure a baby is warm and comfortable in the water is crucial in order to develop confidence early and avoid any problems of fear or concern for swimming.
  • The neoprene, not only offers warming properties, it also provides a higher grip surface when carrying baby around poolside / changing rooms as compared to bare skin – a key safety factor for parents.
  • It is 100% UV protective on covered areas – perfect for holidays when the pools are chilly but the sun is shining.
  • Features clever design techniques that ensure a snug, “huggable” fit, for maximum safety, comfort and performance. Including a hidden flap design featuring generously sized ‘snag-proof’ Velcro fasteners, which make the suit more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for baby.
  • Opens flat to allow quick nappy changes and works perfectly with Konfidence’s range of adjustable and reusable Aquanappies.

Taking your baby swimming from a young age is so important, whether that be with family or friends at a local public session pool or within a structured swimming lesson programme.Aside from the bonding time and fun learning experiences, baby swimming also offers so many benefits; swimming is proven to help babies develop physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. It also encourages healthy growth and helps with the development of strength, co-ordination and balance.All while enabling your baby to develop water confidence.

The Konfidence Babywarma, which has been developed in conjunction with swim schools, swimming teachers and parents, helps mums and dads overcome any initial apprehensions ref. warmth or safety to ensure a fun time is had at their local swimming pool – it is designed to give parents confidence and keep little ones warm and happy in the water so they can reap all of the wonderful benefits of swimming.

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