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7-Year-Old to Swim Length of English Channel

7-Year-Old to Swim Length of English Channel
10 November 2014 1569 Views No comments

A seven-year-old is planning on swimming the length of the English Channel in order to raise money for charity. Finlay Bews is attempting to swim a total of 1,416 lengths of Kincorth Pool in Aberdeen.

Finlay is attempting to swim the lengths in order to raise money for the spinal injuries charity Aspire, which supports people who constantly live in pain.

The seven-year-old was inspired to do the sponsored swim after suffering an accident as a toddler. Finlay was only 18 months old when he was buried in rubble after a van crashed into a wall. As a result on the accident, he often suffers pain in his leg and his shoulder, but luckily had no broken bones.

These injuries have inspired him to help others, and as a member of the Bon Accord Thistle Amateur Swimming Club, swimming seemed a good way to do it.

His mother Michelle said: “He only started swimming when he was six, but he absolutely loves it. He would swim all day, every day if he could. He swims three times a week.

“His dad had actually picked up the leaflet for the English Channel challenge when he was with Finlay at the swimming pool thinking he might do it, but he decided he didn’t have the time to dedicate to it. But Finlay asked what it was and said ‘I'll do it, I want to help people.””

So far, the youngster has swum 1,015 lengths and is set to reach his goal in the next three weeks.

As well as raising money, swimming is also helping Finlay, who is currently in the process of being diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), reports the Press and Journal.

This condition means that his coordination is impaired, which can lead to difficulties with everyday activities such as putting his clothes on the right way.

According to his mum, swimming really helps him because it is a repetitive motion, which eases his shoulder as well as meaning that he can learn the movements. Finlay only started swimming last year, so undertaking this challenge is a huge achievement.