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5 Ways to Keep Kids Active in Winter

5 Ways to Keep Kids Active in Winter
12 January 2015 1902 Views No comments

It can be difficult to keep your little ones happy, healthy and active in the winter when the weather often means that they're stuck inside. Not only can this be incredibly boring for them, but it also means that they are getting less exercise.

While children are unlikely to want to play out in the rain, they still need to do something to keep them active and get rid of all that pent-up energy that can make them misbehave if they aren't being stimulated. It's fine to entertain them with a film or TV every now and then, but you also need to find ways to get them moving.

Here are some great ways you can keep your little ones active without subjecting them to the winter elements.

Indoor swim

This is a great idea if you and your kids enjoy a swim in the summer, especially as the pools tend to be quieter in the winter. Whether you head to the pool for a class or simply to splash around with your family, swimming is a great fun form of exercising.

You can make a day of a trip to the pool, giving your children the opportunity to play games, race and – if your local pool has them – play on the water slides. This will get your little ones exercising without them even realising it.

Local clubs

A really good idea is to check whether there are any clubs or groups in your area that your children can join. These will usually run around the year, letting your children build up skill when it comes to sport, dance or other activities.

As well as being a great way to stay active, your kids will also make friends and socialise more, which makes the whole experience more fun for them. You'll also be able to meet other parents, offering you a break from being mum and dad.

If your little ones really have a knack for something, they may even get a chance to compete, which helps them to enjoy their activity even more.

Dance party

An easy way to get your kids moving without even having to leave the house is to set up a space where they can have their very own dance party. All you need to do is clear some floor space and play some music.

You can even get them to create disco decorations or costumes beforehand, giving them another activity to do. Let each of your children choose a song, or just pop on a fun soundtrack and get dancing!

This is something that everyone can enjoy, so get all children and adults in the house involved.

Balloon games

You'd be surprised how much fun your little ones can have with a few balloons. Simply blow some up and get on with playing games.

A great option is to play balloon volleyball, which just requires a bit of room and something to mark where the net would be. They have to hit the balloon over the 'net', trying to get the other team out by making it touch the floor.

Alternatively, you can just throw one or more balloons in the air and they have to keep them from touching the ground. This will get them moving around and is great fun. The more balloons you throw in, the more difficult it gets.

Obstacle course

If you have a bit of space to use, you could try making an obstacle course for your little ones. This doesn't have to be too complicated and can be tailored for all ages.

Things like creating stepping stones by putting sheets of paper on the floor, making a laser field by tying pieces of string or wool that they then have to get through without touching, and creating something they have to crawl under – like the dining table. There are so many options and you're sure to have fun coming up with everything.