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5 Swimming Games to Play This Summer

5 Swimming Games to Play This Summer
11 June 2014 1843 Views No comments

When getting your children used to the water, it is a great idea to build up their confidence by playing games. Not only are these fun for all the family, but they also help to get your children to forget about their fears and just enjoy being in the water.

The summer is the perfect time to introduce your little ones to different water games, as you have the option of visiting both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, heading to the beach, or getting a paddling pool for your garden.

So, what games can you play with your kids this summer? We've put together five great options that are sure to be fun for children of all ages, while also helping to get them into the water.


This may seem like a simple game, and perhaps one that is more commonly associated with dogs, but in actual fact it is a lot of fun to play in the water. You can play with as many people as you like, ensuring that all the family can get involved.

Simply stand in a circle in the water – making sure that everyone is within a comfortable depth – and throw a ball to random people. The fun comes from trying to catch players out so that they don't catch the ball and have to swim to get it.

You can play with a simple Neoprene Swim Ball or try a frisbee when everyone gets a bit more comfortable in the water.


Another simple game, but always fun. Setting up a specific distance that everyone has to race to helps to get your children swimming further. You can have someone stand at a certain point and act as the finish line, or use a landmark.

When your children get more comfortable, you can increase the distance or get them to use different swimming techniques. To make the game a bit more exciting, you could also try throwing a ball and having everyone race to get it first. This is a great way to ensure that your little ones aren't aware of how far they are swimming so they can just focus on the game.

Duck push

A different take on racing that will get your children more comfortable with getting their faces in the water, duck push is great game to play. You either need floating balls in different colours or floating mascots, like our Flashing & Floating Blinkies.

Each child has one ball or float and have to push it along with their head as they swim – they aren't allowed to put their feet down or use their hands. The first child to reach the finish point with their mascot wins.

This game can help to build up endurance, as well as getting your kids to go underwater. Just make sure that no one pushes their mascot out of their depth.

Stuck in the sand or tag

This is a classic playground game that is also suitable to play in water. There are also a couple of variations on the game, allowing you to suit it to your children's confidence levels.

One person is 'it' and it's their job to chase everyone else that is playing. How the game goes when they manage to 'tag' someone is up to you, but we have three suggestions that suit different swimming levels.

Once a person is tagged, they can then become 'it', meaning it is their job to chase everyone else.

Alternatively, when someone is tagged they become 'it' with the other player. This means that the number of people who can tag increases until there is only one person left that has not been tagged, which makes them the winner

You can also play stuck in the sand, which is when a person is always 'it', and when they tag someone they become 'stuck'. A tagged person then has to stand with their arms out and legs slightly apart until another player can go under the water and swim through their legs.

Dive stick relay

This is a great way to get children under the water. It is best played in a swimming pool, simply because the water tends to be clearer which makes it easier for your children.

Your children should be in teams of two, each of which is assigned a colour of DiveStik. Drop each DiveStik at one end of the pool and they will sink to the bottom, meaning the children have to go under the water to receive them.

When you say 'go', one person from each team should swim from the other end of the pool to retrieve their stick. They then have to swim back to the beginning to drop the DiveStik back under the water, before swimming back to tag their teammate.

The teammate then does the same thing, but has to race back to tag the other swimmer in order to win the race.

You can shorten distances to suit the swimmers, as well as the depths they have to go to in order to retrieve the DiveStiks.

Whatever games you play this summer, remember to ensure that everyone stays safe and happy in the water.