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4 Ways to Introduce Your Child to Water Without Getting Wet!

4 Ways to Introduce Your Child to Water Without Getting Wet!
14 January 2015 1737 Views No comments

Getting your child used to water doesn't just mean getting them in the pool. You can introduce them to water without having to get them wet, helping to build their confidence and enjoy everything about water.

So, exactly how can you help your little one love water without jumping in the deep end straight away? Here are some great ways that will assist you while also being great fun for the whole family.


Teaching your children about what they can find in the water is a really good way to get them enjoying it. Aquariums are perfect for this, as they can see all the different types of fish and creatures that live in the ocean.

Even very young babies will enjoy the experience, as they will love all the bright colours and activity of the aquarium. There will be a lot of stimulation throughout the aquarium, keeping your little one happy and giving them plenty to look at.

One of the most fun things you can do at aquariums is to go through the transparent tunnel to make it look as though you are underwater. This is particularly great for little ones who are worried about water, as they are perfectly safe in the tunnel while experiencing what it's like to be underwater.

The chances are that they will forget their worries, as there will be so much to look at. For babies who have yet to get in the swimming pool, this can serve as their initial experience of being underwater.


Another great day out for all the family, at the zoo you'll get to see animals in and out of the water. As well as the typical big draws to the zoo, like tigers and monkeys, you'll also get to see animals like penguins and polar bears (depending on your zoo) that move around both in and out of the water.

This means that your children will be able to see how movements are different in the water than they are on land. You can even get them to pretend to be their favourite animal the next time you go swimming so that they can give a certain swimming style a go.

The zoo is a great choice, as it isn't just about the water so it will give your little ones a varied experience and allow them to see a lot of different things.

Boat tours

If you're lucky enough to live near the sea or a river, you might want to sign up for a boat tour. A tour gets your children on the water but means they don't have to get in it. This means they feel safe as they are on some form of solid ground, while they are still able to enjoy the water.

Different tours offer different things, so it's worth having a look to see which one will be most suited to your family. Some will teach you about the history or the area, while others might point out the different forms of wildlife.

You may find that children who are nervous about the water are less so after being on a boat, as it is a good way to show them how safe they are. It's also a perfect excuse to play pirates!

Aquatic playground

The chances are that you might get a bit wet with this one, but it'll be worth it. Aquatic parks are a lot of fun and provide a great twist on your usual play parks, as they allow children to play with water as well as the usual attractions.

Things like water flumes mix with slides to create a fun day out, with plenty to do for everyone. It may be a good idea to wait for the water to warm up a bit first, as running around in wet clothes in the cold isn't fun for anyone.