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3 Things You Didn't Know You'd Need When Baby Swimming

3 Things You Didn't Know You'd Need When Baby Swimming
11 September 2014 2080 Views No comments

If you're looking to start baby swimming lessons this September, there are a few things that you should consider. As well as finding a suitable class or swimming pool to take your little one to, you should also think about what items could help to make your experience easier.

Making your trip to the pool with your baby as easy as possible is a sure-fire way to have a relaxed time, which will benefit you both. Here at Konfidence, we have a number of products you may not have thought you need, but that could really help make everything easier.

Baby changer

It can be really difficult to find a good place to change your baby while at a swimming pool, especially when there are many other mums looking to do the same thing. You don't want to put them down on a cold wet floor, but most dressing room benches aren't appropriate for the job.

You can solve the issue of having nowhere to change your little one during classes – as well as anywhere else – with our award-winning Roll & Go Baby Changer. This rollable changing mat is perfect for avoiding changing your little one on cold or wet surfaces.

It is made of cushioned neoprene and comes complete with a non-slip back, making it perfect for changing babies anywhere. It also has a warm laminate cover, so it is both comfortable and hygienic.

Ear guard

If your baby doesn't like getting water in their ears, it can make it difficult to get them to enjoy and relax in the water. Not only does this mean that they could get distressed easily, but it could also affect their swimming development and their overall confidence.

However, kitting them out with ear plugs isn't practical – especially for young babies. Instead, you can use Konfidence's Aquabands to stop water getting in their ears. Aquabands work as a splash guard, stopping water from getting in the ears, which can also help to avoid ear infections.

They come in three sizes, ranging from baby up to adult, with a Velcro design so that they can be adjusted to fit perfectly. This means that you can help get your baby comfortable in the water without upsetting them.


Babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature, which means they get colder much more quickly than adults. This can be worse in the water, especially if you decide to swim in an outside pool or in the sea.

As well as being aware of the signs that your baby may be feeling a bit chilly – shivering, blue lips or crying – you should also aim to do what you can to keep them warm in the water. Konfidence's Babywarmas are made of soft and flexible neoprene, helping your baby to stay warmer for longer without restricting their movements.

They provide a snug fit, featuring a Velcro design that makes it easier to pop on your little one. The Babywarma also comes with a bottom flap that makes nappy changes easy, while the neoprene material makes it easier for you to keep a good grip on your little one.