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3 Holiday Must-Haves for Swimming with Your Little Ones

3 Holiday Must-Haves for Swimming with Your Little Ones
13 August 2014 1980 Views No comments

Many of you will be looking forward to jetting off somewhere hot in the next few weeks. We all need a bit of sun, sea and sand to recharge our batteries and enjoy some fun with the whole family. However, if you want to make the most of your trip, you should ensure that your children are confident enough to have a splash around in the water.

Even if your little ones tend to be happy having a swim when at home, getting into the water at a new place can be a bit daunting. While the chances are that their confidence will build the more they splash around during your holiday, you can help them to feel safer from the start and improve their safety with a few things.


Giving your kids a boost in terms of buoyancy can help them feel better about heading into the water and make you feel more relaxed watching them. While you could kit them out with armbands or rubber rings, these aren't incredibly comfortable and can get in the way of them developing their swimming skills.

You may also find that some swimming pools don't allow inflatables, which can leave your children without the support they need. Instead, providing them with an Original Konfidence Jacket can help them to feel safe in the water, provide better buoyancy and be acceptable in places where inflatables aren't.


If you are going abroad, or even just enjoying the bright sunshine in the UK, your children need extra protection from the sun. Getting sunburnt is not only damaging to your kids' health later on in life, but can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Sunburn can stop your children from wanting to do anything on your holiday, including swimming. It can also make sleeping very difficult, turning a relaxing day into a stressful one.

With this in mind, you want to ensure that your children are as protected as possible. While sun cream can do this, it needs to be reapplied throughout the day, which can be hard to do when your little ones are having too much fun.

You can offer your children extra protection by putting them in Sun Protection Suits. These provide a greater degree of protection and, when combined with sun cream on any visible skin, can help avoid painful sunburn.


Some children can be reluctant to get their feet in the water, especially if they don't like sand getting stuck to them. On top of this, wet surfaces such as concrete or tiles around pools can also be incredibly slippery when wet, which is not great when you have children playing.

With these factors in mind, it can be a good idea to put something on your children's feet that can make them feel more comfortable getting them wet or sandy, while also helping to protect them against slipping.

Konfidence's Paddlers are the perfect choice for youngsters aged three months right up to three years. They help keep feet warm, stop slippage on wet surfaces and avoid the discomfort of sand between toes.