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3 Foods to Feed Kids After Swimming

3 Foods to Feed Kids After Swimming
23 January 2015 4667 Views No comments

After your children have been swimming, it is important to feed them a snack to keep their energy levels up and replenish the carbohydrates they will have burned off.

Whether they are competing or simply enjoying splashing around, your kids will be hungry when they get out of the water. A post-swim snack will help to balance their blood sugar levels and also make them feel more comfortable.

So, what should you feed your little ones once they are dried off and ready to go home?


One of the most important things you need to do is maintain your child's hydration levels. Just as with any other type of exercise, swimming will leave your little ones thirsty as they will lose fluids – even if the loss is less than other activities.

While you should keep a bottle of water nearby when they're swimming, you also need to make sure that they drink something once they get out of the pool.

You should ensure that they steer clear of carbonated drinks, as these can actually make them feel less thirsty even if they still need to replace fluids. Drinks containing caffeine should also be avoided, as these will further dehydrate your little one.

Low-fat fruit smoothies

A great choice for a snack that is full of natural sugars is a low-fat fruit smoothie. A smoothie will help to replenish their carbohydrates, while also dealing with their sweet tooth.

This is a better option to chocolate bars, as the fruits will also provide protein, which is important for repairing muscles after exercising.

If you give your child a smoothie, it is important to note that they will still need to drink water.

Chicken or tuna sandwich

This is a perfect choice if your child gets really hungry after swimming, as it is quite filling while also providing everything they need after a swim.

The bread ensures that they are getting carbohydrates, while the tuna or chicken is chock full of protein. Both are low-fat, so it is a healthy choice.