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Konfidence Affiliate Network

Do you want to earn money selling Konfidence products without holding any stock? The Konfidence Affiliate Network is your answer! The scheme is free to join and simple to use, with no technical knowledge required. Simply take one of our pre-made banners, add it to your website and send customers to our site to buy their baby swimwear and other swimming aids. They get a discount and you get a cut – win, win!

How does it work?

Once you've signed up for the Konfidence Affiliate Network and we've confirmed your account, you will gain access to a whole suite of buttons and banners in various sizes. Simply choose the graphics that best fit your website, copy the code provided and add it to your website. The code will contain your individual affiliate link, which ensures that you are credited for any sales from customers who click on the banner or button.

In addition to sending customers to our homepage, you can also obtain a link to any of the products on our website in order to sell a specific product. Simply copy a link from our website (for example,, paste it into the field under the heading "Create your own personal link", and you will receive a custom link that you can share with your customers (or add to the code provided alongside a banner).

What are the benefits?

When a customer clicks on a link or banner you have shared from the Konfidence Affiliate Network, they will receive a 10% discount on anything they order from our website. Once the order is completed and paid, you will also receive a 10% commission rate of the total order value (not including delivery, donations or any other service charges). The commission is deposited into your account automatically, ready for withdrawal at a later date.

As an added reward for your continued support, the commission you receive on each sale through the Konfidence Affiliate Network will increase once you have sold a certain amount. For example, sell more than £5,000 during a year and you will receive a commission rate of 15% on every later order during that year; sell more than £10,000 and you will receive a massive commission rate of 20% on subsequent orders!*

*The Konfidence Affiliate Network year runs from July 1st to June 30th. If you pass a sales threshold, you will receive the higher commission rate on all future orders during that period. Your commission rate will return to the standard rate of 10% upon the conclusion of the year.

Real-time reports

Once you've started taking orders through the Konfidence Affiliate Network, you will be able to track everything you could ever want to know on the portal. We provide reports on everything from how many people have seen the Konfidence buttons on your website to how many orders have been placed, how much money your customers have spent and how much commission you have earned.

You can also download reports from the portal for record-keeping or internal reporting later – simply select a report you would like to run, choose a date range, click show report and export as a CSV or Excel XML file. It's as simple as that!